Professor J. Richard Bond

Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics

Appointed a University Professorin 2000

J. Richard Bond received his B.Sc. in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Toronto in 1973, his M.S. in Theoretical Physics from Caltech in 1975 and his Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics, from Caltech in 1979. He was selected as a University Professor in 2000.

Professor Bond is an outstanding, internationally-recognized theoretical cosmologist and a major figure in present-day theoretical astrophysics and cosmology. He has contributed fundamental advances to most fields of contemporary cosmology. The general line of his research is structure formation and evolution in the Universe, from the earliest times to the present, and from stars to ultra-large scale. He has published research on supernovae, on early universe field theory, on statistics of data analysis, on gravitational dynamics, on pregalactic stars, on background radiation fields, on neutrino astrophysics, on the evolution of large-scale structure and on a variety of other topics. Some of his papers have spawned major new areas of research or have set entirely new standards of rigour in pre-existing fields. Included in these are a ground-breaking application of statistical methods from signal processing to the properties of large-scale structure in the Universe, which created a sub-field that is still very active fifteen years after the paper was written. Another work, which showed for the first time how precise measurements of the cosmic microwave background could provide accurate determinations of the material content of the Universe and of the physical processes which imposed structure on it (and so are responsible for our existence), is currently one of the hottest and most rapidly developing areas of astrophysics.

Professor Bond has played a central role in the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics for more than a decade and is currently its Director, having taken on the position from Professor Scott Tremaine. Cosmology has been the largest and most visible subgrouping within the Institute's large complement of postdoctoral scientists. Professor Bond has been a major force in selecting and stimulating this group. His own research, his mentorship of students, post-docs, and research associates, and his leadership have contributed significantly to the Institute's enviable record of success that has placed it in a forefront position in theoretical astrophysics research and internationally amidst the very best. Professor Bond has been a Fellow of the Cosmology and Gravity Program of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research since 1986 and became the Director of the Program in 2002.

Along the way, Professor Bond has won many significant awards for his work including: the Dannie Heineman Prize of the American Astronomical Society; Sloan Fellowship, NSERC's Steacie Fellowship and NRC's Steacie Prize, the Beals Prize of the Canadian Astronomical Society, the Canadian Association of Physicists/Centre de recherches mathématiques Prize for Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, and election to Fellowships in the Royal Society; the Royal Society of Canada; the American Physical Society and the Institute of Physics.

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