Student Space Enhancement Fund

Fund Overview

The University of Toronto is committed to providing space for all of its students that fosters and supports the nourishment and enrichment of student academic, personal, and community needs so they can thrive at U of T. Surveys and assessment initiatives around the student experience have identified student spaces as an area of priority and supports student health and wellbeing. This fund is designed to create more usable space on all of our campuses that attend to the diverse needs of our student population. Colleges and Divisions seeking funding must flow through the Dean’s office or the Principal’s office.

For purposes of this Fund, “Student Space” is defined as: Space that is available to all students, regardless of division or campus of enrolment and contribute to student health and wellbeing. Student spaces are accessible, easily findable and attend to a diversity of student needs (e.g., commuter populations, quiet spaces, group activity/community spaces, etc.). Student spaces should be innovative and use evidence-based approaches to design and use of space. Examples of existing resources in this area are available in the resources section below. A universal identification program to improve visual identity and wayfinding throughout the institution is currently being developed for implementation with identified spaces.

Types of Eligible Projects

Projects must demonstrate impact on achieving the university’s goals by:

  1. Modifying an existing space through equipment and furniture solutions
  2. Replicating, expanding, or adapting an existing space to be available to all students
  3. Creating and developing newly identified space

A secondary goal of the fund is to create greater impact on the student experience and support the health and wellbeing of all students. Partnerships with other University units in student spaces are encouraged. Applicants are also encouraged to partner with U of T student organizations and/or involve current U of T students as part of their student space initiatives. Where possible efforts should be made to record student involvement on the Co-curricular Record. Programs that include U of T student involvement will be given priority and would help a proposal to be funded.

Funding Streams

Student Space Enhancement University Funding (SSEUF) supports two levels of grant activities:

  • Minor (Up to $100,000)
  • Major ($100,000 or higher)

This two-tiered system is intended to provide opportunities to either develop new spaces or modify existing projects. Projects should connect to at least two of the Three Institutional Priorities (Appendix B).


  • Refreshing existing space, including equipment and furniture solutions;
  • Innovative approaches to space design; and
  • Increases usable student space for all University of Toronto students, being responsive to diverse student needs

Amount: Up to $100,000


  • Expanding, replicating, or adapting existing spaces to be available to all students;
  • Creating and developing newly identified space;
  • Improving overall impact on the student experience;
  • Relationship building across the university; and
  • Involvement of a student group.

Amount: $100,000 or higher

Application Process

The Student Space Enhancement University Fund is not currently accepting applications. Please check back for future application dates.

The application process is conducted entirely online using the provided submission form. No hard copy or email submissions will be accepted. Please complete the following steps prior to completing the online application:

  1. Familiarize with the Student Space Enhancement University Fund (SSEUF) aims and goals
  2. Familiarize with the Student Spaces Resources to review examples of existing information and resources to support projects.
  3. Submit the online form

Questions regarding the forms or the application process should be directed to Applications for funding must flow through the Dean’s office or Principal’s office.