Marion Bogo Biography

PTA Award Winner Marion Bogo


Marion Bogo has been a leader in the field of social work professional education locally, nationally, and internationally. She is Professor and was Acting Dean, Associate Dean, Practicum Coordinator, and inaugural Sandra Rotman Chair in Social Work at the Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto. Marion Bogo’s commitment to teaching is demonstrated through the central focus of her research and scholarship, professional achievement and community service. She pioneered the development of an educationally focused Field Education model in 1979 with the establishment of Teaching Centres in community agencies and hospitals affiliated with the University of Toronto, the introduction of the first competency-based social work education model in Canada for guiding student learning, and the creation of a systematic program for recruiting, educating, and retaining social workers as field educators. Through leading a number of local and national research projects on these program initiatives and related elements for quality field learning she has established an evidence base for field education. Through educational leadership and her associated program of research she has articulated a model for social work field education which has been adopted in schools of social work in North America and abroad. Moreover she raised the profile and underlined the importance of clinical training in social work. Supported by funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada her current research involves an in depth study of the conceptualization of professional competence and expertise in social work and the development of innovative approaches to assessment and measurement of competency of graduating social work students. This project involves inter-disciplinary collaboration with social work education researchers in the United States and medical education researchers at the Wilson Centre of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto.

Professor Bogo has published extensively on field education including numerous articles in international journals and invited chapters, and she serves on the editorial boards of the leading international journals in social work education. In 1998 she incorporated her research findings in the second edition of her seminal book on field education, The Practice of Field Instruction in Social Work (coauthored, 1998, 2nd edition, Columbia University Press and University of Toronto Press). This text is used extensively in schools of social work throughout North America and has served as the basis for her numerous consultations to schools of social work throughout the world, especially in Japan.

Professor Bogo also introduced the first course in the Masters of Social Work Program that integrates the teaching and learning of social practice theory and professional practice skills through use of a traditional course structure and a laboratory. Teaching methods derived from experiential education and adult learning theory includes use of simulations, observations, videotape, and reflective practices. She was invited by Columbia University Press to contribute a textbook for use in North American schools based on this educational approach, Social Work Practice: Concepts, Processes, and Interviewing, 2006.
Professor Bogo has taken a leadership role in preparing social work doctoral students for teaching careers. She designed and teaches a doctoral course on Theory and Practice of Teaching Social Work and coordinates a Teaching Internship Program so that doctoral students can integrate theoretical concepts and evidence-based practices from higher education, professional education, and social work education into their own developing teaching philosophy and approach. She also co-leads a Teaching Enhancement Initiative at the Faculty of Social Work to promote teaching excellence through strategic planning, teaching awards, mentoring, and educational development workshops.

Through her academic career at the Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto Marion Bogo has been a mentor to junior faculty and doctoral students, a leader and researcher in curriculum development and field education, and a dedicated social worker and classroom teacher for generations of students.