University of Toronto Teaching Fellowships

2016-17 Fellowship Recipient

Teresa Kramarz, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
Munk School of Global Affairs, Faculty of Arts & Science

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Fellowship Description

The University of Toronto Teaching Fellowships will provide funds for teaching release to two recipients which will allow them to engage in a pedagogical project of direct benefit to students in a defined area of institutional priority. Through its focus on supporting pedagogical innovation and research, the program is intended to promote the emergence of a cadre of leaders within the teaching stream.

The Fellowships will provide the opportunity for one associate professor, teaching and one assistant professor, teaching stream to undertake a year-long residency at the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation (CTSI). Through a 50% secondment to CTSI, the Fellowships will provide the Faculty/Department with 50% of the salary costs for the faculty member for one year (up to a maximum of $50,000).

Associate professors, teaching stream and assistant professors, teaching stream are eligible to be nominated. 

Fellowship Projects

Candidates should outline the proposed pedagogical project to be completed during the Fellowship, and how it will address some or all of the following identified areas of institutional priorities:

  1. Major revisioning of courses and curricula, and significant program development.
  2. Teaching practices that promote student learning. These could include but are not limited to: 
    i.  the creation of new, innovative and exemplary teaching processes/practices;
    ii. the use of evidence-informed approaches to the design of learning activities, assignments,
    courses or curricula that motivate and enrich student learning; and 
    iii. the active integration of research into teaching practice and curriculum.
  3. Development of educational materials and production of technological tools or multi-media resources that enrich teaching and learning.
  4. The scholarship of teaching and learning e.g., conducting research on teaching and/or learning that has potential for impact beyond a single classroom.
Examples of types of projects could include:
  • Teaching in a team – identifying effective practices and successful models.
  • Exploring assignment scaffolding within or across courses/programs.
  • Developing differentiated assessments for different stages of learners.
  • Identifying and designing instructional approaches, aids and tools to support large-class teaching.
  • Supporting active learning in an online instructional environment.
  • Supporting and assessing team-based/cooperative/collaborative learning among students.
  • Designing experiential learning experiences for students.
  • Designing capstone experiences for students.
  • Identifying and/or initiating effective and evidence-based practices and successful models for:
    i. The inverted classroom/hybrid courses; 
    ii. Interdisciplinary teaching;
    iii. Enabling and supporting the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at the departmental level;
    iv. Mentoring faculty (for teaching) in a department/division; 
    v. Different teaching contexts (e.g. small discussion-based seminars, lectures, labs, practicals).


The fellowship program is on hold for the 2016-17 academic year.


Terms of the Fellowship, Selection and Nomination Process