Inter-Divisional Teaching Working Group

Inter-divisional teaching is a critical feature of the financial and academic landscape of undergraduate teaching at U of T. The Inter-Divisional Teaching Working Group developed an institutional financial framework for inter-divisional teaching at the undergraduate level, which provides stable, predictable funding for IDT activity, and incorporates a series of bi-lateral discussions of IDT arrangements within the existing annual budget planning process. It allocates revenues to teaching divisions based on an agreed-upon model of average revenue and cost structures for courses in one division that are taught by faculty from another. The revenue is allocated based on the notional share of costs borne by the two divisions.

The objective of the new framework is to simplify the funding of IDT and to provide divisions with as much stability and predictability as possible so that undergraduate students can more freely take courses in divisions across the University.

A new series of meetings has been included in the Academic Budget Review (ABR) process to address IDT among the academic divisions, and the framework will be reviewed after four years. It is worth noting that tri-campus IDT was also considered as part of the Tri-Campus Review.


The Inter-Divisional Teaching Working Group will include the following members:

  • Cheryl Regehr, Vice-President & Provost (Chair)
  • Scott Mabury, Vice-President, Operations and Real Estate Partnerships & Vice-Provost, Academic Operations
  • Cristina Amon, Dean, Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering
  • David Cameron, Dean, Faculty of Arts & Science
  • Ira Jacobs, Dean, Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education
  • Tiff Macklem, Dean, Rotman School of Management
  • Richard Sommer, Dean, Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design
  • Trevor Young, Dean, Faculty of Medicine
  • Sally Garner, Senior Strategist, Operational Initiatives
  • Trevor Rodgers, Assistant Vice-President, Planning & Budget
  • Jeff Lennon, Director, Academic Planning & Analysis, Planning & Budget

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