Current University Professors

At the University of Toronto, a University Professor is the highest academic rank, recognizing exceptional scholarly achievement and preeminence in a particular field of knowledge, and comprising no more than 2% of the tenured faculty.

Name Department Research Interests
Arthur, James G. Mathematics Representations of Lie groups and automorphic forms
Barrett, Spencer C. H.
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Faculty of Arts & Science Plant evolutionary genetics, the evolution of reproductive systems and plant invasion biology
Bond, J. Richard Theoretical Astrophysics Cosmology, structure formation and evolution
Borodin, Allan
Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Arts & Science
Design, analysis and theory of algorithms
Brumer, Paul W. Chemistry Theoretical chemical physics
Collins, Michael P. Civil Engineering Failure of large structures
David, Tirone Surgery Heart valve disease and thoracic aortic aneurysm
Dyzenhaus, David (2015) Faculty of Law and Department of Philosophy The rule of law in legal and political philosophy
Friedlander, John B. Mathematics Analytical number theory
Florida, Richard (2016) Rotman School of Management Cities, innovation and urban economic development
Greenblatt, Jack Banting and Best Department of Medical Research Protein interactions, mechanisms of gene regulation, and functional genomics
Henkelman, Mark R. Medical Biophysics, Medical Imaging Medical imaging
Hull, John (2016) Rotman School of Management Derivatives and risk management
Hurka, Thomas Philosophy Ethical theory
Jenkins, David J.A. Department of Medicine and Nutritional Sciences, Faculty of Medicine Diet and dietary components in the prevention and treatment of chronic disease
John, Sajeev Physics Photonic crystals
Kay, Lewis    Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR); protein structure and dynamics
Keymer, Thomas (2015)    Department of English Literary Criticism, history & theory
Kumacheva, Eugenia Chemistry Polymer materials
Lautens, Mark    Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Arts & Science Organic chemistry; chiral molecules
Lozano, Andres (2014)
Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine Functional Neurosurgery
Mak, Tak W. Medical Biophysics
Human T cell antigen receptor
Miller, R.J. Dwayne Chemistry, Physics Electrochemistry; capturing atomic motions
Ozin, Geoffrey A. Chemistry Materials self-assembly, inorganic materials chemistry and biomimetics
Peltier, W. Richard Physics Geodynamics and climate dynamics
Polanyi, John C. Chemistry Reaction dynamics
Quayson, Ato (2016) Department of English, Faculty of Arts & Science African literature, postcolonial diaspora studies, urban studies and literary theory
Reid, Nancy Statistics Theoretical statistics
Rice, Keren
Department of Linguistics, Faculty of Arts & Science Aboriginal studies
Ripstein, Arthur (2016) Faculty of Law and Department of Philosophy Political philosophy and legal theory
Rossant, Janet Medical Genetics and Microbiology Developmental biology
Sargent, Edward (Ted) (2015)
Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
The application of nanomaterials in sustainable energy and sensing
Sefton, Michael V. Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering
Bioengineering and tissue engineering
Sherwood Lollar, Barbara Geology Environmental isotopes, groundwater quality, carbon geochemistry and astrobiology
Shoichet, Molly (2014)
Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
Polymers for Drug Delivery & Tissue Regeneration
Sigal, Israel M. Mathematics Mathematical physics
Sohm, Philip Department of Art, Faculty of Arts & Science Biographies and studios of artists, art economics, art theory and criticism
Sokolowski, Marla B. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Gene-environment interactions on behaviour
St George-Hyslop, Peter Medicine Centre for Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases Neurodegenerative disease, Alzheimer's Disease
Stein, Janice Gross Political Science Global politics, conflict management and resolution
Stewart, Donna Psychiatry Women's health
Trebilcock, Michael J. Law International trade law, competition regulation and contract law
Viola, Lynne
Department of History, Faculty of Arts & Science
Stalinism, the ecosystem of violence and the Soviet Gulag
Waddams, Stephen Law Private law, legal theory and legal history
Weinrib, Ernest J. Law Legal philosophy and tort law
Winnik, Mitchell A. Chemistry Polymer systems
Zandstra, Peter (2016) Institute for Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering (IBBME), Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering Stem cell bioengineering