Complete List of University Professors

Name Department Appointed Status
Arthur, James G. Mathematics 1987 current
Axelrad, Arthur A. Medical Genetics and Microbiology 1988 deceased
Barrett, Spencer C. H.
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 2008 current
Beattie, John M. History 1988 emeritus
Bissell, Claude T. English 1971 deceased
Bliss, Michael History 2001 emeritus
Bond, J. Richard Theoretical Astrophysics 2000 current
Borodin, Allan         Computer Science 2011 current
Brook, Adrian G.    Chemistry 1987 deceased
Brumer, Paul W. Chemistry 1995 current
Careless, J. Maurice S. History 1977 deceased
Challis, John R. G.
Physiology, Obstretics and Gynecology, and Medicine
2008 emeritus
Chamberlin, Edward J. English 2004 emeritus
Ching, Julia Study of Religion 1994 deceased
Collins, Michael P. Civil Engineering 1999 current
Cook, Stephen A. Computer Science 1985 emeritus
Craik, Fergus Psychology 1997 emeritus
Creighton, Donald G. History 1968 deceased
Dainty, Jack Botany 1976 deceased
David, Tirone Surgery 2004 current
Davison, Edward J. Electrical and Computer Engineering 2001 emeritus
Dyzenhaus, David Faculty of Law and Department of Philosophy 2015 current
Eichner, Hans Germanic Languages and Literatures 1981 deceased
Etkin, Bernard Aerospace Studies 1982 deceased
Fackenheim, Emil L. Philosophy 1979 deceased
Fitch, Brian T. French 1989 emeritus
Florida, Richard Rotman School of Management 2016 current
Frank, Roberta English Centre for Medieval Studies 1995 emeritus
Franklin, Ursula M. Materials Science and Engineering 1984 emeritus
Friedland, Martin L. Law 1985 emeritus
Friedlander, John B. Mathematics 2002 current
Fritz, Irving B. Medical Research 1984 deceased
Frye, H. Northrop English 1966 deceased
Glass, Irvine I. Aerospace Studies 1981 deceased
Greenblatt, Jack Banting and Best Department of Medical Research 2004 current
Hacking, Ian M. Philosophy 1991 emeritus
Hagan, John LawSociology 1997 emeritus
Hare, Kenneth F. Geography 1976 deceased
Henkelman, Mark R. Medical Biophysics 2005 current
Hinton, Geoffrey Computer Science 2006 emeritus
Hollander, Samuel Economics 1984 emeritus
Hughes, Andrew Centre for Medieval Studies, Music 1992 deceased
Hull, John Rotman School of Management 2016 current
Hurka, Thomas    Philosophy     2013       current 
Hutcheon, Linda English 1996 emeritus
Inwood, Brad Classics, Philosophy 2007 emeritus
Jackson, James R. de Jager English 1994 deceased
Jenkins, David J.A. Medicine and Nutritional Sciences 2009 current
John, Sajeev Physics 2001 current
Johns, Harold Medical Biophysics 1977 deceased
Jones, J. Bryan Chemistry 1994 emeritus
Kay, Lewis Department of Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry 2012 current
Kennedy, John M. Psychology 2009 emeritus
Keymer, Thomas
Department of English 2015 current
Kumacheva, Eugenia  Department of Chemistry 2013 current 
Lautens, Mark Department of Chemistry 2012 current
Lee, Richard B. Anthropology 1999 emeritus
LePan, Douglas V. Department of English 1969 deceased
Levere, Trevor Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology 2006 emeritus
Litherland, Albert E. Physics 1979 emeritus
Lozano, Andres Surgery 2014 current
MacLennan, David H. Banting and Best Department of Medical Research 1993 emeritus
Macpherson, C. Brough Political Science 1975 deceased
Mak, Tak W. Medical Biophysics, Immunology 1997 current
McCulloch, Ernest A. Medical Biophysics 1982 deceased
McInnes, Roderick Paediatrics, Dept of Medical Genetics and Microbiology 2003 emeritus
Miller, R.J. Dwayne Chemistry, Physics 2007 current
Millgate, Michael English 1987 emeritus
Naldrett, Anthony J. Geology 1984 emeritus
Olson, David R. Human Development and Applied Psychology, OISE/UT 1990 emeritus
Ozin, Geoffrey A. Chemistry 2001 current
Packham, Marian A. Biochemistry 1989 emeritus
Pawson, Anthony J. Medical Genetics and Microbiology 1998 deceased
Peltier, W. Richard Physics 1993 current
Polanyi, John C. Chemistry 1974 current
Quayson, Ato Department of English 2016 current
Rapson, Howard Chemical Engineering 1976 deceased
Reid, Nancy Statistics 2003 current
Rice, Keren
Linguistics 2008 current
Ripstein, Arthur Faculty of Law & Department of Philosophy 2016 current
Robson, John M. English 1986 deceased
Rossant, Janet Medical Genetics and Microbiology 2001 current
Rothstein, Aser Medical Biophysics 1980 emeritus
Russell, Peter H. Political Science 1994 emeritus
Salama, C. Andre T. Electrical and Computer Engineering 1992 emeritus
Salter, Robert B. Surgery 1981 deceased
Sargent, Edward (Ted) Computer Engineering 2015 current
Sefton, Michael V. Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering 2003 current
Sherwood Lollar, Barbara Geology 2010 current
Shoichet, Molly Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry 2014 current
Sigal, Israel M. Mathematics 1997 current
Siminovitch, Louis Medical Genetics and Microbiology 1976 emeritus
Sohm, Philip Art 2009 current
Sokolowski, Marla B.     Ecology and Evolutionary Biology         2010     current
Sparshott, Francis E. Philosophy 1982 emeritus
St George-Hyslop, Peter Medicine, Centre for Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases 2003 current
Stacey, Charles P. History 1973 deceased
Stein, Janice Gross Political Science 1996 current
Stewart, Donna Psychiatry 2004 current
Stoicheff, Boris P. Physics 1977 deceased
Stuss, Donald Medicine 2004 emeritus
Sumner, L. Wayne Philosophy 2002 emeritus
Till, James E. Medical Biophysics 1984 emeritus
Trebilcock, Michael J. Law 1991 current
Tsui, Lap-Chee Medical Genetics and Microbiology 1994 emeritus
Tulving, Endel Psychology 1985 emeritus
Viola, Lynne History 2011 current
Waddams, Stephen Law 2005 current
Weinrib, Ernest J. Law 1999 current
Wickens, George Michael Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations 1980 deceased
Winnik, Mitchell A. Chemistry 1998 current
Wonham, Murray Electrical and Computer Engineering 1996 emeritus
Yates, Peter Chemistry 1986 deceased
Yen, Jui Lin Electrical and Computer Engineering 1980 deceased
Zandstra, Peter Institute for Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering 2016 current