Tech2U Classroom Support Team 

Tech2U Classroom Support Team

Learning Space Management

The Tech2U Classroom Support Team in Learning Space Management (LSM) is the recipient of the Innovative Team of the Year Award for its creative contributions in classroom technical support. Members of the team are Ian Campbell, Steven Eliopoulos, Amy Forsey, Reme Jennings, Nickolas Joy, Albert Jung, Anna Menezes, Swati Naidu, James Nightingale, Devyn Nugent, Matthew Ramolo, Kyle Roberts, Alex Rouse, Jon Santiago, Marc Therrien, Rounak Tulshan, David Yan, and Victor Yeung. 

Launched in Fall 2021, The Tech2U Classroom Program is a new model of classroom technical support. The advantages to the program are that they provide instructors with personal and human support to feel comfortable and empowered in their ability to use the technical equipment available in the classroom. This in turn achieves enhanced student engagement and learning.  

The Tech2U Classroom Program consists of two parts. The first part is in-person, just-in-time technical support and portable technology. To provide in-person, just-in-time technical support, a team of Technical Co-pilots and Student Classroom Ambassadors focus on the in-room technical aspects and course needs of instructors and their students, relieving instructors of technical burdens and allowing them to focus on their teaching content and learning outcomes. The second part of the program is a suite of portable technology inventory which broadens the potential for content delivery beyond a strictly room-based classroom technology approach to a need based one, allowing the Co-Pilots and Classroom Ambassador to equip each room with the technology needed to enable instructors bring their individual vision for content delivery to life. 

Tech2U allows the University to be responsive and agile to emerging needs of the University’s teaching community and allows for flexible service regardless of what’s available in the classroom. Additionally with an increase in disability accommodation requests seen by Accessibility Services, the Tech2U program can support student accommodation needs, thereby relieving the burden on instructors.