Stavroula Andreopoulos

Stavroula Andreopoulos

Stavroula Andreopoulos

Department of Biochemistry

Temerty Faculty of Medicine

Professor Stavroula Andreopoulos is an award-winning educator in the Department of Biochemistry (BCH) in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto with scholarly expertise in pharmacology and biochemistry. Professor Andreopoulos has demonstrated consistent leadership and scholarship in several thematic educational areas: large classroom and laboratory teaching, curriculum and pedagogical development, and active engagement in the professional development of faculty and students.

Professor Andreopoulos has extensive expertise in undergraduate teaching, lecturing in the Department of Biochemistry’s two largest life science courses BCH210H and BCH311H, with over 2000 students/year registered in the life science programs offered in the Faculty of Arts & Sciences. She led the creation, development, and implementation of BCH210H (Biochemistry I: Introduction to Biochemistry), BCH311H (Biochemistry II: Nucleic Acids and Biological Information Flow), and the Department’s first online course, SCS-2472 (Biochemistry with a Medical Perspective), while maintaining the role of Course Coordinator/Director for these core departmental courses over the past 15 years. She’s been a transformative force in undergraduate education, contributing significantly to curriculum development and program administration by introducing two inter-disciplinary programs with biochemistry foci and three new undergraduate courses, which are now integrated into the current BCH Specialist/Major degree programs.

Professor Andreopoulos’ primary research focus is on the implementation of technologically enhanced tools and innovations, resulting in new modes of student interaction both in-class and online. In collaboration with the Departments of Pharmacology and Toxicology, and Physiology, she contributed to the design and deployment of two innovative and joint courses: JPM300H (Research Readiness and Advancing Biomedical Discoveries) and JPM400Y (Biomedical Incubator Capstone Project). These courses are a novel venue for experiential learning within the Faculty and will prepare the undergraduate student population for traditional and non-traditional careers in research, industry, and related biomedical fields.

Professor Andreopoulos is the recipient of several awards, including the NCDEU New Investigator’s Awardee-National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), the 2011 Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching in Life Sciences Award, the 2017 Sustained Excellence and Innovation in Life Sciences Education award, the 2023-24 Emerging Scholars Award and most recently, the 2023 Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA) teaching award of distinction. She has been nominated for the W.T. Aikins Award in Course/Program Development, the Joan E. Foley Quality of Student Experience award, the University College Alumni of Influence award, and the Northrop Frye Team award. She was also the first Teaching stream faculty member to be promoted to full Professor in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine.

Professor Andreopoulos obtained her Bachelors, Master’s and Doctoral degrees in the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Toronto. Upon completion of her PhD, she carried out postdoctoral fellowships at both the University of Athens in the Department of Critical Care and Pulmonary Services and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in the Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Pathophysiology, Toronto, Canada. In 2001, she joined the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Toronto as a part-time lecturer. Since 2020, she has held the ranks of Professor, Teaching Stream and Associate Graduate Faculty in the Department of Biochemistry. In addition to her major teaching load, she was Undergraduate Coordinator for the Department from 2012-2018 and is currently the Program Director for the prestigious Amgen Scholars Program.