Sarah Mayes-Tang

Sarah Mayes-Tang

Department of Mathematics

Faculty of Arts & Science

Professor Mayes-Tang received her undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Queen’s University, and her master’s and PhD degrees in Pure Mathematics from the University of Michigan. After graduating from Michigan in 2013, Sarah joined the faculty of Quest University Canada. In 2017, Sarah joined the mathematics faculty at the University of Toronto. She currently leads a team of instructors and TAs as coordinator for the University’s largest mathematics course.

Sarah’s recent scholarly projects focused on innovative assessment techniques to both evaluate and improve conceptual learning. Her current projects include documenting the experiences of women teachers and students in math classrooms, developing programs to support TAs and helping students to develop positive attitudes towards mathematics.

Professor Mayes-Tang’s Fellowship will focus on the renewal and redesign of the Math 135/136 Calculus sequence. These courses form the main single-variable calculus sequence for Faculty of Arts & Science students majoring in science, and enrol approximately 2,400 to 2,700 (primarily first-year) students per year. The purpose of this project is to modernize the curriculum around the following five dimensions: integrating technology and multiple representations of functions; increased focus on conceptual understanding; attention to the needs of the client disciplines; using active learning and interactive engagement methods; and building sustainable communities of practice in the instructional team.