Sanghyun (Kris) Kim

Photo of Sanghyun (Kris) Kim against a brick wall, wearing glasses and blue checked shirt

Sanghyun (Kris) Kim

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream

Department of Chemical & Physical Sciences, University of Toronto Scarborough

Professor Sanghyun (Kris) Kim joined the Department of Physical & Environmental Sciences (Scarborough) and Department of Chemistry (St. George) as an Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, in July 2019. Prior to joining he was involved in peer-to-peer coaching through the Teaching Assistants’ Training Program and worked with a team of Learning Strategists in Student Life to support students in strengthening an array of academic and metacognitive skills. He continues to leverage these experiences as a chemistry educator and actively encourages

students to reflect on how they learn through various forms of guided activities embedded within his courses. He is also an advocate for experimenting with alternative forms of assessment to offer students diverse opportunities to showcase their learning.

Collaboration has been at the core of several pedagogical initiatives for Professor Kim. Over the last few years, he’s collaborated with a first-year teaching team of faculty and TAs at UTSC to co-develop a peer-review writing activity and digital resources to scaffold students’ writing skills in large first-year chemistry courses. He’s also co-designed a wide range of virtual and in-person laboratory exercises with students as partners. More recently, Professor Kim was a part of the Community Engaged Learning Faculty Fellowship Program (with the Centre for Community Partnerships), where he had the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues across the campuses and disciplines. These conversations led to the incorporation of community-engaged learning projects in his second-year analytical chemistry course, creating space for students to learn about the community around them and opportunities to apply their chemistry skills to help address real and ongoing challenges faced by community partners. Over the last year he has fostered relationships with the UTSC Campus Farm and Toronto Zoo, which have evolved into several student-led research projects. Student researchers have gone on to win awards at the local and provincial level as well as transferring these experiences to securing co-op positions. Professor Kim actively shares these collaborative experiences and the impact they have on student learning through international conferences and publications.