Funké Aladejebi

Photo of Funké Aladejebi

Funké Aladejebi

Assistant Professor

Department of History, Faculty of Arts & Science

Professor Funké Aladejebi joined the Department of History at the St George Campus in 2020. She specializes in Black Canadian history, and her research and teaching interests focus on oral history, the history of education in Canada, Black Canadian women’s history and transnationalism. Her teaching and advocacy work seeks to address systemic forms of anti-Blackness within and external to the academy. As a result, Professor Aladejebi seeks to critically engage students with the histories and lived experiences of persons of African descent in Canada as way to both challenge limitations within the academy, but also offer opportunities for students to extend their knowledge and expertise alongside their current disciplinary goals. 

Professor Aladejebi’s teaching emphasizes an interdisciplinary focus that combines history with critical race theory, anti-oppressive and anti-racist pedagogies. Within her classes, Professor Aladejebi uses this approach to include knowledge and experience from scholars and researchers often excluded or underrepresented within secondary and post-secondary curricula. Her teaching strategies often connect historical research and evidence to contemporary contexts and current social issues. Combining creative and accessible learning models with the understanding and application of theories, concepts and historical research methods, Professor Aladejebi strives to create a learning environment that is both stimulating and invites students to be part of the knowledge production process.