Elham Marzi

Photo of Elham Marzi wearing a white shirt and navy blazer

Elham Marzi

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream

Institute for Studies in Transdisciplinary Engineering Education & Practice, Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering

Professor Elham Marzi joined the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering in 2017 as an Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream in the Institute for Studies in Transdisciplinary Engineering Education & Practice (ISTEP). She is the Director of the Engineering Business Minor and the co-founder and Director of the International Virtual Engineering Student Teams Initiative (InVEST). She teaches in areas inclusive of organizational behaviour, human resources, strategy and negotiations. Her research focuses on global competencies, pedagogical innovation and active learning.

Professor Marzi aims to equip students with transdisciplinary, interpersonal and global competencies that will contribute to their personal and professional success. She has worked towards achieving this through her leadership within the Engineering Business Minor and InVEST by developing courses and co-curricular offerings. Her teaching approach is to keep things exciting and engage students by motivating them through creating opportunities for communication and connection in the classroom. She employs various pedagogical approaches, including active learning, simulations, case studies and reflective exercises to foster engagement and learning.

Professor Marzi served as an advisor to the Vice-President, International on Global Classrooms and facilitated international collaborations to advance research and practice on Global Education. She is working towards increasing interactional diversity while removing barriers and creating inclusive classrooms. Her work with InVEST, supported by a Deans Strategic Fund, enables multi-institutional global virtual teams at both undergraduate and graduate levels and creates student research opportunities while developing global competencies and professional skills. In 2019 she was awarded the Dean’s Emerging Innovation in Teaching Professorship, through which she developed the Engineering Business Futures program which introduces students to opportunities and careers at the intersection of Engineering and Business through career panels, case competitions, workshops and networking events.