David France Tang-Wai

David France Tang-Wai

David France Tang-Wai

Department of Medicine, Neurology and Geriatric Medicine

Temerty Faculty of Medicine

Dr. David France Tang-Wai is the current Department Division Director for neurology at UofT and former adult neurology residency program director. He is also the co-director of University Health Network Memory Clinic and chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee for the Toronto Dementia Research Alliance. His research interests include normal pressure hydrocephalus, the autoimmune encephalopathies, and the atypical presentations of Alzheimer’s disease – especially posterior corticalatrophy.

Since his appointment to U of T in 2003, his goal is to overcome the “educational neurophobia” that many learners have towards the field, i.e., the discomfort that learners at all levels have with this specialty and the difficulties they experience in conducting or interpreting the neurological examination. These challenges lead to delays in diagnosis and increases healthcare demands. Dr. Tang-Wai’s unique style of teaching both in the clinical setting and in formal lectures has led him to be an invited teacher not only in various divisions (other than neurology) and departments at U of T, but also at many universities and at national conferences. Learners from all parts of Canada come to spend time in his clinics. Similarly, observing the difficulties that learners have in evaluating patients with dementia, he developed and single-handedly teaches unsponsored the Dementia Bootcamp (2016-present), an annual interactive workshop-style weekend course that covers the complete evaluation of a person with dementia and is attended also by learners in neurology, geriatric medicine, geriatric psychiatry, and advanced family practice across Canada.

Dr. Tang-Wai’s focus has always centered around learners and their needs, as well as the changing needs of society. His genuine approach in keeping his learner’s interests, ambitions and commitment is to support their growth towards achieving their academic goals, in their respective careers.

Dr. Tang-Wai has received multiple local and international teaching awards and nominations from undergraduate and postgraduate trainees. He has received the U of T Department of Medicine Teacher of Year Award (2020), American Academy of Neurology AB Baker Teacher Recognition Award (2019), Award for Excellence in Postgraduate Medical Education: Teaching Performance, Mentorship & Advocacy (2018), and the inaugural award for UofT Department of Medicine Academy of Master Clinicians (2019).

Dr. David Tang-Wai received his MD degree from McGill University, neurology residency and behavioral neurology fellowship at the Mayo Clinic.