Cindy Blois

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Cindy Blois

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream

Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Arts & Science

Professor Cindy Blois is an Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream in the Department of Mathematics at the Faculty of Arts and Science. She strives to foster student-centred learning environments, where each student has a voice, a sense of belonging and is supported to grow along their own unique path. Currently, Professor Blois is the coordinator of the calculus and linear algebra course for students in commerce and the social sciences. In this role, she is redesigning the course to meet students’ modern needs, ensuring that they are equipped to think creatively and work in a collaborative atmosphere, as they use mathematics to solve problems in the real world. 

One of her main goals as a University of Toronto Teaching Fellow is to design and implement a sequence of experiential learning projects for this course, in collaboration with local non-profit, business, or government organizations. Closely intertwined with this work, she will also develop resources and training for the team of course instructors and teaching assistants, to ensure that they are continually supported as key contributing partners on this project.

Before joining University of Toronto in 2019, Professor Blois was a Dornsife Science Transformation Fellow at the University of Southern California, where she taught a large variety of courses and collaborated on a suite of exploratory collaborative learning activities for undergraduate statistics courses. She also co-founded the WoMentoring Group, an NSF-funded project to facilitate mentorship relationships among women graduate and undergraduate students in mathematics. This upcoming summer, Professor Blois is also co-creating a workshop funded by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) on Leveraging the MAA’s Instructional Practice Guide in Coordinating Large Multi-Section Courses.