Anne McGuire

Photo of Professor Anne McGuire

Anne McGuire

Equity Studies

New College

Professor McGuire joined the Equity Studies Program at New College in 2011. Her research and teaching interests include disability studies, accessibility, queer/crip theory, child studies, politics of health, social justice education, feminist science and technology studies and theories of anti-racism, colonialism and governmentality. Her current research traces the emergence of broad spectrum approaches to health and illness and reads these against the backdrop of neoliberal social and economic policies. In 2016, her manuscript, War on Autism: On the Cultural Logic of Normative Violence was awarded the University of Michigan Press’ inaugural Tobin Siebers Prize for Disability Studies in the Humanities and was the first book to conform to U-M Press’ new accessible publication guidelines.

Professor McGuire’s approach to disability in the classroom as a valuable difference that can inform and enhance teaching learning practices is a direct extension and application of her research. In 2016, she won the June Larkin Award for Pedagogical Development for her work developing pedagogies of access, implementing strategies for inclusive learning, creating an accessible course syllabi and challenging academic ableism. She has received several New College grants to support cross-campus student learning through initiatives such as, Unsettling Normalcy: A Disability Studies Working Group and the Disability Studies Speakers Series. Professor McGuire is also co-founder and co-ordinator of the NEW Pedagogy Series, a forum for instructors, TAs and other community members to network on pedagogical practices.