Vision on Undergraduate Education

About This Initiative

In consultation with students, faculty, and staff members, the Expert Panel on Undergraduate Student Educational Experience (USEE) has developed an exciting new vision for the undergraduate experience at the University of Toronto.

Now, working groups are developing action plans to mobilize this vision and further build on the work already being done across campuses.

The Vision

These qualities, values, and experiences define what makes us ‘U of T’—our diversity and global outlook, our drive for discovery and exploration, and our strong sense of identity, community, and connection.

  • U of T will foster in all students a sense of belonging to a caring and supportive learning community
  • U of T welcomes students from across the globe and promotes a global view among all students
  • U of T’s diversity is one of its greatest strengths
  • U of T will support student exploration and discovery
  • U of T will help students engage with ideas, situations, spaces, people, and themselves
  • Exploration and discovery
  • Knowledge integration
  • Disciplinary differences
  • Self-awareness, self-determination, and well-being
  • Belonging, connection, and joint purpose
  • Provocative yet constructive dialogue
  • Understanding and respect for Indigenous peoples and knowledge
  • Forming identity and values
  • Transferable skills and career clarity
  • Life-long and life-wide desire for learning
  • Think like passionate learners
  • Think like creative intellectuals
  • Be empathetic leaders
  • Be resilient creators
  • Do mobilize knowledge
  • Do engage in citizenship


The Vision in Action

Find more stories about the vision in action on the U of T News website here.

Contact Us

We would love to discuss this Vision with you! Please email with any questions, thoughts, and ideas.