PTA 2023

  • Sharon Switzer-McIntyre

    Sharon Switzer-McIntyre is Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, in the Department of Physical Therapy at the Temerty Faculty of Medicine, where she is the MScPT Program Director and the Director of the Ontario Internationally Educated Physical Therapy Bridging Program. Professor Switzer-McIntyre has been deeply involved in innovative curricular design, development and delivery, learner assessment, mentorship, administration, […]

  • Jane Freeman

    Jane Freeman is Professor, Teaching Stream, at the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) and the founding Director of the Graduate Centre for Academic Communication (GCAC).  She established GCAC’s modular curricula of non-credit courses, workshops, and Writing Centre, and designed several of the courses and workshops currently offered by GCAC. The GCAC’s design puts graduate students […]

  • Steven Thorpe

    Steven Thorpe is a Professor in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) at the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering. Professor Thorpe has shown tremendous leadership, serving in progressively more senior academic positions, and leveraging those roles to foster initiatives to support teaching and learning. He has served as Associate Chair, Undergraduate and […]

  • Denise Belsham

    Denise Belsham is Professor in the Department of Physiology at the Temerty Faculty of Medicine. Professor Belsham has over 25 years of neuroendocrine research in obesity, circadian rhythms, and reproduction. The focus of her laboratory is to understand, at the molecular level, how the hypothalamus achieves its diverse physiological functions. Professor Belsham is keen to […]