Provost History

  • Moffat Woodside

    Research Area: Classics

  • John Sword

    Research Area: Graduate Studies

  • Donald Forster

    Research Area: Political Economy

  • Donald Chant

    Research Area: Zoology

  • David Strangway

    Research Area: Geology

  • Frank Iacobucci

    The Honourable Justice Iacobucci was appointed Associate Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto, in 1973, Vice-President, Internal Affairs, in 1973, Dean of the Faculty of Law in 1979, and was Vice-President & Provost of the University of Toronto from November 1983 to September 1985, at which time he was appointed Deputy Minister of Justice […]

  • Joan Foley

    Research Area: Psychology

  • Adel Sedra

    Research Area: Electrical Engineering

  • Shirley Neuman

    Research Area: English

  • Vivek Goel

    Research Area: Health Administration