ECTA 2021

  • Olivier St-Cyr

    Since joining the Faculty of Information in 2016, Professor Olivier St-Cyr has undertaken several initiatives to enhance and support student learning. He created the UXD Concentration curriculum in the Master of Information (MI) professional degree. Using a consultative approach rooted in iterative design, Professor St-Cyr built a curriculum that bridges UXD theory and practice and […]

  • Jacqueline Smith

    Professor Jacqueline Smith joined the Department of Computer Science in 2015. Her teaching philosophy centres around her belief that human connection is at the core of successful teaching and learning. She is committed to making Computer Science available and welcoming to all interested students. Her classroom teaching is typically in large introductory Computer Science courses, […]

  • Daniel Gregory

    Daniel Gregory joined the Department of Earth Sciences at the St George campus in 2018. He specializes in economic geology and geochemistry, and his research applications extend to deciphering chemistry of ancient oceans and identifying controls on gold mineralization in sediment-hosted ore deposits. He uses micro- to nano-scale techniques to analyse trace element concentration and […]

  • Danielle Bentley

    Professor Danielle Bentley joined the Faculty of Medicine‚Äôs Division of Anatomy in 2017 (with both a general appointment (restricted-teaching) in the Institute of Medical Science and a cross-appointment in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology). She primarily teaches Embryology and Gross Anatomy to a wide array of student populations, including undergraduate, graduate, allied health, […]