This working group will consider the processes by which funds are prioritized and allocated to support:

  • for-credit offerings
  • co-curricular offerings
  • student life and wellness supports
  • writing centres
  • registrarial services
  • space/capital plans
  • libraries

The group will also review how staffing is planned for and funded to support the above; sources from which the above funds are drawn; and facilitating the efficient use of resources across institutions.


The Resources Working Group will include the following members:

  • Scott Mabury, Vice-President, University Operations & Real Estate Partnerships and Vice-Provost, Academic Operations (Co-Chair)
  • Trevor Rodgers, Assistant Vice-President, Planning & Budget (Co-Chair)
  • Bonnie McElhinny, Principal, New College
  • Michael Ratcliffe (Acting, Nick Everett), Dean of Arts, Trinity College
  • Larry Alford, Chief Librarian
  • Horatio Bot, Director, Financial Services, Faculty of Arts & Science
  • Gillian Morrison, Assistant Vice President, University Advancement
  • Ray de Souza, Bursar, Victoria University
  • Jamie Stafford, Vice Dean, Faculty of Arts & Science
  • Support: Kirin Jeffery, Special Projects Officer, Planning & Budget

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