This working group will consider the role of the colleges in supporting students pursuing U of T degrees:

  • In their own residences
  • In other residences where members of their College reside
  • In other residences owned by U of T
  • In privately owned residences

The group will also review processes for selecting/assigning residence spaces in alignment with institutional priorities; ensuring equitable and inclusive supports for U of T students in residences; and processes of planning for new residences in alignment with institutional priorities.


The Residences Working Group will include the following members:

  • Sandy Welsh, Vice-Provost, Students (Co-Chair)
  • Sally Garner, Senior Strategist Operational Initiatives (Co-Chair)
  • Carol Chin, Principal, Woodsworth College
  • Dwayne Benjamin, Vice-Dean, Graduate, Faculty of Arts & Science
  • Heather Kelly, Student Life
  • Andrea McGee, Registrar & Assistant Dean, Students, John H. Daniels Faculty of Landscape, Architecture, and Design
  • Anne Macdonald, Ancillary Services
  • Kristen Moore, Dean of Students, Trinity College
  • Melinda Scott, Dean of Students, University College
  • Micah Stickel, Vice Dean, First Year, Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering
  • Support: David Kim, Dean of Residence & Director of Student Life

Related Documents & Resources

Materials related to the Working Group will be posted here as they become available.