Announcement of Leave of Absence Jan Nolan Director Faculty Renewal

PDAD&C #42





Vivek Goel
Vice-President and Provost


June 14, 2004


Announcement of Leave of Absence – Jan Nolan, Director, Faculty Renewal

I would like to announce that Jan Nolan, Director, Faculty Renewal will be taking a leave of absence effective August 2004.   Jan has accepted a contract position at the University of Victoria, reporting to the Vice-President (Academic) & Provost and the Executive Director, Human Resources, to develop recruitment and retention initiatives and to enhance current orientation, training and development programs for academic administrators, faculty and staff. These are many of the same type of initiatives and programs that Jan has had primary responsibility for in her role as Director, Faculty Renewal at the University of Toronto.  Her efforts in this area have had a tremendously positive impact at the University of Toronto and she will undoubtedly have a similar impact at the University of Victoria. 

Having worked for the University for almost 19 years, Jan has developed a deep understanding of the needs of the various constituent members of the University of Toronto community.  Her responsiveness to these needs has resulted in the creation of various programs and initiatives that continue to strengthen the support that is provided to students, faculty, staff and academic administrators.

Jan began her employment at U of T as the Liaison Officer for the Graduate Students’ Union.  From 1988 to 1991 she served as the Coordinator, Cooperative Program in Arts Administration at University of Toronto at Scarborough.  From 1991 to 1993 she was the Director of Programming at Hart House.  In 1993 Jan became the Director of the newly created Family Care Office.  The scope of the office expanded to include faculty relocation issues and in 1999, the Faculty Relocation and Support program was added formally to the mandate of the Family Care Office.

In her most recent role, Jan has revitalized orientation and training programs for new academic administrators and has been a catalyst for the development of university-wide new faculty orientations.  She has also been an ardent supporter of, and active participant in, equity and advocacy initiatives at the University. 

There will be an opportunity to express our gratitude to Jan for her outstanding contribution to the University of Toronto at an “Appreciation Reception”.  Details will follow shortly.

Please join me in extending our very best wishes to Jan and her family.