Governing Council Approvals

PDAD&C #29, 2003-2004


To:  Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs
From: Robert J. Birgeneau, President
Date: February 12, 2004
Re: Governing Council Approvals

I am very pleased to inform you that the Governing Council last evening approved the appointment of Professor Vivek Goel as Interim Vice-President and Provost, until December 31, 2004 or until a new Provost is chosen, whichever comes first.  It is my intention to set up an advisory committee as soon as possible.  I would be very pleased to receive suggestions from you of individuals to serve on the committee. These may be sent to me at

The Governing Council also approved the appointment of Ms. Catherine Riggall as Interim Vice-President, Business Affairs. Cathy will serve as Interim for up to one year or until a new Vice-President is chosen, whichever comes first.  I will later this term also be setting up an advisory committee for this position.  As a result of Cathy’s appointment as Interim Vice-President, Mr. Ron Swail will serve as Acting Assistant Vice-President, Facilities and Services and Ms. Sheila Brown will continue as Acting Chief Financial Officer.

Finally, I am very pleased to inform you that the Governing Council resoundingly approved in principle the Stepping UP Framework for Academic Planning for 2004-2010.

I am confident that we have in place a very strong senior leadership team that is ready to work with you as you develop your academic plans.  Working together, I am certain that we will advance our shared vision of becoming one of the world’s leading public teaching and research universities.