Announcing the Advisory Committee for the Dean, Faculty of Information

PDAD&C #92, 2014-15


Faculty, Students and Staff of the Faculty of Information
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Cheryl Regehr, Vice-President & Provost


President Meric Gertler
The Bulletin


May 26, 2015

Re: Announcing the Advisory Committee for the Dean, Faculty of Information

As noted in PDAD&C memo #80, 2014-2015, Professor Seamus Ross will complete his term as Dean of the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto on December 31, 2015. The Dean has advised me that he will not seek a second term. The Advisory Committee (listed below) will undertake a full search for the appointment of a new Dean.

Professor Ross has served as the Dean of the Faculty of Information since 2009. Under Professor Ross’s leadership, the Faculty has undertaken a significant amount of positive development and progressive academic change.

Professor Ross’s term saw the expansion of the faculty complement, the restructuring of the Master of Information (MI) program and the introduction of targeted concentrations. He has championed initiatives including the introduction of an MI Co-op, facility modification, funding for new research laboratories, and collaborations with divisional partners, such as a partnership with the School of Continuing Studies that strengthened the Faculty’s commitment to continuing education. Professor Ross promoted faculty engagement with undergraduate students through interdivisional teaching and through the Faculty’s development of the program in Interactive Digital Media (IDM), in collaboration with the Institute of Communications, Culture, and Information Technology (ICCIT) at UTM. Reflecting a commitment to student engagement, Professor Ross encouraged the reinvigoration of student enrolment in the Master of Museum Studies (MMst) program, the introduction of a new PhD curriculum, and the showcasing of student work through PhD Research Days and the Annual iSchool Master’s Student Conference. Other significant initiatives at the Faculty include the creation of Offices for Advancement, Career Support Services, and Research Support Services, and the re-organization of the Faculty’s Student Services to enhance recruitment capacity.

Professor Ross led the Faculty through a period of review and renewal leading to the development of the Strategic Plan 2012-2017: Pathways to Our Future. The external review conducted in 2014 praised the Faculty’s programming, initiatives, and research. As his term draws to a close, Professor Ross is leaving the iSchool well positioned to continue to be what the external reviewers referred to as an outstanding academic unit that contributes positively to the reputation and academic plans of the University of Toronto.

On behalf of the University of Toronto, I would like to express our profound appreciation to Dean Ross for his passionate leadership, and dedicated service, to the iSchool and to U of T.

In accordance with Section 60 of the Policy on Appointment of Academic Administrators, President Meric Gertler has appointed a Committee to recommend the appointment of a new Dean of the Faculty of Information.

The composition of the Committee is as follows:

    Cheryl Regehr, Vice-President & Provost

    Teaching Staff of the Faculty:
    Nadia Caidi, Associate Professor, Faculty of Information
    Cara Krmpotich, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Information
    Heather MacNeil, Professor, Faculty of Information
    Matt Ratto, Associate Professor, Faculty of Information

    Christopher Hogendoorn, MI student
    Emily Maemura, PhD student

    Dean of School of Graduate Studies:
    Locke Rowe, Dean, School of Graduate Studies

    Larry Alford, Chief Librarian, University of Toronto Libraries

    Scholars outside the Faculty:
    Suzanne Akbari, Professor of English and Medieval Studies
    Amy Mullin, Vice-Principal Academic and Dean, University of Toronto Mississauga

    Administrative Staff of the Faculty:
    Glenn Cumming, Chief Administrative Officer, Faculty of Information

    Kimberly Silk, Special Projects Officer, Canadian Research Knowledge Network

The Advisory Committee will begin meeting in the Summer Term. The Provost welcomes comments about the decanal appointment process, desired qualities for leadership, and nominations for a new Dean from interested persons. All communications will be received in confidence and will be anonymized before forwarding to the Advisory Committee for consideration.

All feedback should be sent to the attention of Assistant Provost Archana Sridhar by mail (Room 225, Simcoe Hall) or by email to