Confirmation of Copyright in Blackboard

PDAD&C#60, 2013-14

To:  PDAD&C 
From:      Larry Alford, Chief Librarian
Date:  May 12, 2014
Re:  Confirmation of Copyright in Blackboard


The University of Toronto places a high degree of importance on diligent compliance with copyright law through managing our licensed materials, assisting faculty in understanding and operating within our fair dealing guidelines, and securing transactional licenses where necessary.

One part of this compliance strategy is ensuring that materials placed on Blackboard are done so in a way that is permissible under Canadian copyright law.  As such, we will be introducing the following text into Blackboard.  We ask all faculty who are teaching courses to read and confirm it when “publishing” their courses, that is, making them available to students enrolled in their class sections.

Uploading material into Blackboard must be done in a manner complying with Canadian copyright law. The Copyright Act requires permission from the rights holder by way of a license or other agreement, such as a content license held by the University, or the application of fair dealing or other statutory exceptions, in order for material to be uploaded to Blackboard.  If you have questions about copyright as it pertains to your use of the materials, please contact, and/or consult the University of Toronto Fair Dealing Guidelines, which allow for the use of short excerpts of a copyrighted work for the purposes of research, private study, education, parody, satire, criticism, review or news reporting.  In every case you should confirm copyright compliance before clicking “yes” to making course material available on Blackboard.

As our research has shown, the vast majority of content placed in Blackboard is compliant with Canadian copyright law, and we are confident that we can continue to demonstrate our respect for the law and for Canadian authors.  If you have any questions about this language, or about copyright and copyright compliance, please contact Bobby Glushko, Scholarly Communications and Copyright Librarian at or