Report on the Administrative Review of Category 5 and 6 Ancillary Fees

PDADC #33, 2012-13

From:      Cheryl Misak, Scott Mabury & Jill Matus  
Date:  February 6, 2013
Re:  Report on the Administrative Review of Category 5 and 6 Ancillary Fees

The administrative review of fees charged to students at the University of Toronto pursuant to Categories 5 and 6 of the Policy on Ancillary Fees has now been completed. The report is available on the website at:$!26+Budget/ancillaryreview.pdf  

We encourage broad distribution of the report. It is critical that faculty and staff involved in processes related to ancillary fees are fully aware of the University's policy and the findings contained in this report.

The purpose of the review was to examine fees to ensure compliance with the relevant policies and guidelines. The review was launched in June 2012 and involved written feedback and extensive consultation. Responses to the review received from academic and administrative divisions indicate that there are a very limited number of cases where ancillary fees may not have been in compliance with Ministry guidelines. While fees were found to be compliant, there are a number of instances where administrative clean-up or improved communication is required. The administration is working with divisions to ensure such issues are addressed before the 2013-14 ancillary fee schedules are finalized.