Workshops for Mid-Career Faculty

PDAD&C#11, 2012-13

To:  PDAD&C 
From:  Edith Hillan, Vice Provost, Faculty & Academic Life
Date:  September 19, 2012 
Re:  Workshops for Mid-Career Faculty

Please share this with appropriate faculty members in your department/division.

The "Next For U" events are luncheon sessions for Associate Professors and Senior Lecturers who started at the University anytime since 2004. These workshops are designed to provide mid-career faculty with the opportunity to meet key people at the University in an informal setting to discuss aspects of career development.

Please encourage your mid-career faculty to join us for these luncheon events.
• Promotion to Full Professor: Policy and Process - 12pm-2pm - October 3, 2012
• Being an Excellent Teacher: Meet the President's Teaching Award winners- 12pm-2pm - November 12, 2012
• Academic Leadership - 12pm-2pm - February 11, 2013
• Grow Your Research Career - 12pm-2pm - March 19, 2013

Faculty may register at:  

If you would like any further information on events or workshops for new or mid-career faculty, please contact