UTORecruit: Planning the Academic Search Process


PDAD&C#50, 2011-12

To:  PDAD&C 
 From:  Edith Hillan, Vice Provost, Faculty & Academic Life
 Date:      April 10, 2012
 Re:  UTORecruit: Planning the academic search process

We will shortly be upgrading the UTORecruit System. Our office will be issuing a number of PDAD&C memos over the coming weeks to inform you of various stages of this process. It is very important that you read these and ensure they reach the appropriate people in your unit.

Our review of the UTORecruit system for academic recruitment has uncovered issues which we feel can be rectified with a few changes to our service model and with some planning at the outset of a search.

To coincide with the upgrade, my office will no longer support technical processes in UTORecruit which facilitate combinations of online and alternative application methods (e.g. email or mail and the subsequent "candidate capture" process through which applicant materials are manually uploaded to UTORecruit) unless there is a technical issue for a candidate attempting to apply online. Our experience shows that the combination of methods means your staff will essentially be managing two searches processes - one online and one off - which can be costly in terms of time and in some cases overtime or temporary staff costs.

As of May 1st 2012, we will require advertisements with such instructions be modified to indicate that only online applications will be accepted or that refer to an alternative process that corresponds with already existing discipline-based recruitment practices before these advertisements are approved for posting on our career website.

We strongly recommend that departments use the UTORecruit online application functions since the system complies with University Information Security Guidelines
http://www.its.utoronto.ca/rules-and-regulations/regulations_guidelines/informationsecurity.htm and allows search committee members to view application materials at their convenience. If you use an alternative application method, UTORecruit, you must ensure that your alternative process complies with the above guidelines and other relevant policies regarding the confidentiality of search committee materials. Please note that PDAD&C #2 (2010-11) Guidelines for the Use of Blackboard Organizations for Academic Human Resources clearly indicates that Blackboard or other websites are inappropriate for use by search committees. UTORecruit provides a secure, supported system, tailored specifically to academic recruitment.

As of May 1st, my office will be sending search committee chairs an email message entitled: What you must know about UTORecruit upon receipt of a job advertisement for. This message is intended to clarify your role as the Chair of the Search Committee and the Hiring Manager in UTORecruit. It will provide important information on how to use the system to manage your academic search process.