PTR/Merit and Salary Increase Instructions for 2010-11

PDAD&C#76, 2010-11

 Edith Hillan, Vice Provost, Faculty & Academic Life
 April 29, 2011
 PTR/Merit and Salary Increase Instructions for 2010-11

To assist you with the performance evaluation of your faculty members and librarians, this memorandum contains a link to instructions for annual reporting by faculty and librarians, for salary increases and for the administration of the PTR/Merit Scheme. The PTR award is based on the performance assessment for 2010-11.

Salary and benefits negotiations between the University and UTFA will be starting shortly. Salary increases including PTR/Merit amounts are determined as a result of that process. Once an agreement has been reached for 2011-12 this memorandum will be re-issued with the relevant information.

In the meantime, units should initiate the Merit Assessment process as normal.  The timetable outlined in Section 4 Deadlines and Key Activities ( should be adhered to by all divisions.

The full instructions are available at