Information request re distributed student e-mail services

PDADC #74, 2009-10


To: Principals, Dean, Academic Directors & Chairs
From:     Robert Cook, Chief Information Officer
Date: 8 April 2010
Re: Information request re distributed student e-mail services

As you will be aware from PDAD&C memo #64 - Consultation on Student e-Communications, Information + Technology Services is conducting an assessment to provide "the University the information it needs to evaluate the viability of an outsourced solution to meet our needs for student e-mail services."

As part of that assessment, we are identifying the cost of the University's current student email services. In addition to UTORmail, these include over 160 email systems operated by divisions, departments and other units.

I am writing to ask your assistance in estimating the cost of the latter.

For each email system operated by your division, department or any other unit under your leadership, would you please arrange to have the following information reported to me:

1. "Name" or other identifier for the email system (e.g., ecfmail, OISENet)
2. Division, department or other unit that operates the system
3. Technical contact (system administrator's name and email address)
4. User group (e.g. grad, professional or undergraduate students, faculty, staff)
5. Number of users
6. Approximate cost to rebuild the system if it were end-of-life and being replaced (hardware/software)
7. Approximate annual support costs (e.g., system administrator % FTE salary/benefits, or external support contract)

Please have responses submitted to by Monday, April 19th, 2010.

I will be pleased to share the aggregated results as part of the report on the viability of outsourcing student e-mail that I will make to PDAD&C.

Thank you for your assistance.