77 Doctoral Stream Minimum Funding for 2006 2007

PDAD&C #77, 2005-06


From:      David Farrar, Deputy Provost and Vice-Provost, Students

To:  PDAD&C, Graduate Co-ordinators, Graduate Administrators

Susan Pfeiffer, Dean of Graduate Studies and Vice-Provost, Graduate Education
CC: Vivek Goel, Vice-President and Provost
Date: February 1, 2006
Subject: Doctoral Stream Minimum Funding of $13,000 for 2006-07

Since 2000-01, the University of Toronto has maintained an institutional commitment to a minimum level of $12,000 plus tuition for eligible doctoral stream graduate students. Both Stepping UP and the discussion paper on graduate enrolment planning indicate a stretch goal of $15,000 per year.

After having started the initial consultations with the Graduate Funding Implementation Committee regarding the advisability of raising the minimum level of guaranteed funding, it is clear that there is broad consensus for an increase. There are implementation issues that we are currently working through with some units. Once this is completed, we will develop a strategy and timetable to bring the minimum to $15,000. The Graduate Funding Implementation Committee also will examine the character of the graduate funding packages including appropriate levels of fellowships, research assistantships, and teaching assistantships. In the meantime, for 2006-07 the University of Toronto will increase the minimum to $13,000, plus tuition.

In addition, the Graduate Funding Implementation Committee will be reviewing the experience of students who are no longer in the funded cohort in order to make recommendations regarding changing the "post-4 funding"
(dissertation completion grants).