30 New Faculty Integration Workshops The Stepping In Series

 PDAD&C # 30, 2005-06 


To: Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs
From: Edith Hillan, Vice-Provost, Academic
Date: October 25, 2005
Re: New Faculty Integration Workshops – ‘The Stepping In Series’

The Office of the Vice President and Provost, working in conjunction with offices across the University, is beginning a series of new faculty integration workshops entitled ‘The Stepping In Series’. Offered
throughout the year, future workshops may consider issues such as:

  • Enhancing the student experience 
  • Academic careers at the University of Toronto 
  • Negotiating life in academia 
  • Putting Stepping Up into context 
  • Organising your documents for evaluation 
  • Becoming an academic advisor 
  • Plagiarism resources and policies 
  • Integrating teaching and research

The sessions are designed to introduce the University of Toronto and assist new faculty members as they settle into a career in academia.

The first workshop will be held on 24th November from 12pm-2pm in the Upper Dining Room of the Faculty Club, a light lunch will be provided. This session, entitled ‘In Conversation with Dave Farrar (Deputy Provost and Vice Provost Students) and Edith Hillan (Vice Provost Academic)’ will offer an opportunity for discussion of the University’s commitment to its faculty and students.

Please encourage any of your faculty who joined the University in the last two years to attend these sessions. They can register online at http://www.provost.utoronto.ca/English/The-Stepping-In-Series.html.