27 Graduate Enrolment Planning: 2005 15 Discussion Paper

PDAD&C#27, 2005-06


From: Vivek Goel, Vice-President and Provost
Date: October 17, 2005
Re: Graduate Enrolment Planning: 2005-2015; Discussion Paper


The Government of Ontario, as part of the spring provincial budget, issued the Reaching Higher plan which calls for an increase in graduate enrolment of 14,000 students by the year 2009 for the Ontario system. This represents a 50% increase over current levels. Since, the University of Toronto currently enrolls one-third of the province’s graduate students this represents a significant opportunity for our consideration.

The Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities is currently engaged in discussions regarding how this expansion will be distributed across the province.  It is expected that we will need to finalize our institutional plans within a matter of weeks.  Many of you are engaged in discussions about graduate expansion within your own unit.  Given the nature of graduate education, it is essential that our plans for this expansion be developed at the local level.  At the same time, we must also consider the impact of such an expansion at the institutional level.

The attached Discussion Paper provides an analysis for the context for the graduation expansion and raises issues that need to be considered as we plan for this historic opportunity.  The paper also includes an Appendix which assesses the enrollment expansion to date, relative to the issues presented in the Framework for Enrolment Expansion at the University of Toronto (March 2000 Discussion Paper is to stimulate discussion among members of our community regarding the enrolment expansion. The dialogue resulting from the discussion paper will inform the expansion commitment made by University.  A framework of principles for graduate enrolment expansion will be brought forward in the spring.

Please circulate this document broadly.  I would be interested in receiving any feedback that you might have on this important issue.  Please send your comments to provost@utoronto.ca by November 15, 2005.  We will discuss the paper and feedback received in depth at the November 17th meeting of PDAD&C.