28 Call for Proposals for the Canadian Universities Centre CUC in Berlin

 PDAD&C# 28, 2004-2005


TO: Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs

Patricia McCarney
Associate Vice-President, International Research and Development

DATE: November 8, 2004
RE: Call for Proposals for the Canadian Universities Centre (CUC) in Berlin

In November 2001, the Canadian Universities Centre (CUC) was opened in Berlin as a joint undertaking of the University of Toronto and Université du Québec à Montréal with a mandate to strengthen academic
cooperation between Canadian and German scholars, students, universities and scientific institutions. Other universities in Canada are expected to join the CUC.

A Program Committee has been struck at the University of Toronto and a parallel committee is being formed at Université du Québec à Montréal.  The University of Toronto Committee, chaired by Susan Gross Solomon (Political Science, European Studies), includes Rebecca Cook, Faculty Chair in International and Human Rights Law; Thomas Lahusen, Canada Research Chair in History, Arts and Culture; Pia Kleber, Helen and Paul Phelan Chair in Drama; Derek J. Penslar, Samuel J. Zacks Chair in
European Jewish History, and Marla Sokolowski, Canada Research Chair in Genetics and Behavioral Neurology (UTM).  The Program Committee is not a granting agency. Its mandate is to promote high quality programming and to assess the suitability of programs (for which funding has been secured or is being sought) for the designation “sponsored CUC” or the designation “held in association with the CUC.”

The University of Toronto Program Committee is currently entertaining proposals from University of Toronto faculty for events in a variety of fields to be held in Berlin, January 10-April 30, 2005.  Some of these events may be part of the celebrations surrounding the opening of the new Canadian Embassy building in Berlin scheduled for summer 2005.

Proposals for programs should be sent by November 18, 2004 to: Susan Gross Solomon, European Studies, Munk Centre for International Studies, 1 Devonshire Place, Toronto M5S3K7.  Proposals should include: a one-page description of the event or program; a justification for its proposed connection to the CUC; the name and affiliation of the principal investigator(s) or the organizer(s); a list of participants together with their affiliations; a full budget that indicates all sources of funding.

The next round of proposals will be considered by the Program Committee in late March for programs to be mounted in spring and fall, 2005.