Provostial Committee on Graduate Student Financial Support: Report to the Provost (2014)

The University of Toronto is committed to recruiting the best and brightest students, and to ensuring that all students have an outstanding educational experience during their time here. A robust approach to graduate student funding is critical to meeting both of these commitments.

In February 2012, the University formed the Provostial Committee on Graduate Student Financial Support. The Committee’s Report to the Provost (January 2014) focuses on:

  • The balance of employment and stipend income as part of the funding package;
  • Financial support for students who are beyond the funding commitment period.

Funding arrangements are a highly complex matter, thus the University's approach to Report’s recommendations must be nuanced. For example, we must take into account existing supports for graduate students; the variability of funding sources for students across divisions; the need to support high-quality education in programs with very different content, formats and goals; and the need to support students' timely completion of their degrees.

Professor Sandy Welsh has been appointed Provostial Advisor on Graduate Funding to  bring together Vice-Deans and Associate Deans Graduate from across the University to consider the Report's recommendations, assess their feasibility, develop guidelines for practice, and establish local approaches to graduate funding. In the course of this work, the Provostial Advisor will communicate regularly with graduate student groups.