Library External Review 2008, Terms of Reference

The reviewers are asked to comment on the following:

  • An overall assessment of the Library relative to the best in Canada and internationally, including areas of strength and weakness.
  • An assessment of the Library’s relationship with the academic programs.
  • The quality of service for faculty and students, including an assessment of the Information Commons and the University Help Desk. Is the Library successfully supporting research and teaching in a networked world? How appropriate are the Library’s performance measures regarding the improvement of the quality of service?
  • The effectiveness of the relationship of the central library and the local libraries, including tri-campus, divisional and federated University libraries.
  • The appropriateness of the decision-making structure for acquisition and investment in the Library to serve the University community including faculty, undergraduate and graduate students. Recommended strategies for the operational and financial model to serve the needs of a university of the scope of the University of Toronto. Are the resources available to the Library being employed efficiently and effectively? Are there areas which require attention and improvement?
  • An assessment of the extent to which the Library has developed partnerships with other Universities and organizations to support the University’s academic plans.
  • The effectiveness of the administration and management to include: mechanisms and processes for identification and review of the priorities, library directions, collections and services; staffing/workload; staff performance, satisfaction and morale; internal communications; participation in decision making; and staff training and development.