Task Force on Outreach

PDAD&C#24, 2007-08


From: Vivek Goel, Vice-President and Provost
Date: October 29, 2007
Re: Task Force on Outreach

I am pleased to announce the formation of the Task Force on Outreach, which will help us better address one of our key institutional objectives.

The Membership of the Task Force on Outreach is as follows:

  • Cheryl Misak, Deputy Provost (Chair) 
  • Daniel Atlin, Assistant Vice-President, Government, Institutional and Community Relations 
  • Cristina Amon, Dean, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering 
  • Marilynn Booth, Director, School of Continuing Studies 
  • John Browne, Acting Principal, Woodsworth College 
  • Tony Chambers, Associate Vice-Provost, Students 
  • Rick Halpern, Principal, New College 
  • Glenn Loney, Assistant Dean/Faculty Registrar and Secretary 
  • Rhonda Love, Director, Transitional Year Programme 
  • Mayo Moran, Dean, Faculty of Law 
  • Jay Rosenfield, Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education, Faculty of Medicine 
  • Ike Okafor-Ogbu, Student Access & Outreach Coordinator 
  • Ian Orchard, Vice-President and Principal, UTM 
  • Franco Vaccarino, Vice-President and Principal, UTSC 
  • Vanessa Laufer, Special Projects Officer, Office of the Vice-President and Provost (Secretary)

The Task will be concerned with those aspects of outreach which: 

involve reaching out to potential students who might not otherwise be thinking about attending a specific university program 
involve placing students, whether for academic credit or not, into programs that aim at the social good 
commit University resources to working with specific communities

The Task Force will first provide a description of the outreach programs already in existence at the University of Toronto, including an account of their stated aims and their funding sources. It will then compare the University of Toronto outreach initiatives to what is being done at other universities, both in Canada and internationally.

Outreach programs can have a number of different aims: improving the life prospects of individuals from a vulnerable group; improving access to post-secondary education; community building; recruitment of students with excellent potential; recruitment of students from diverse backgrounds; offering students and faculty who participate on the teaching side of outreach programs an enriching curricular and/or co-curricular experience; providing research opportunities for faculty and students, etc. The Task Force is charged with recommending which mix of objectives is most appropriate, given the University of Toronto's mission and academic plans.

It should accordingly also articulate what is meant by 'outreach' in our context.

Once these aims are clarified, the Task Force will assess and make recommendations regarding:

  1. the ways we measure the success of our existing programs;
  2. the scope of our programs;
  3. the internal and external relationships forged by our existing programs; and
  4. participant engagement.

If you have any feedback, please send to Vanessa Laufer at vanessa.laufer@utoronto.ca .