Revised Administrative Procedures for the Engagement of Post-doctoral Fellows

PDAD&C #39, 2007-08


FROM: Edith Hillan, Vice-Provost Academic
Susan Pfeiffer, Vice-Provost Graduate Education 
DATE: January 21, 2008
RE: Revised Administrative Procedures for the Engagement of Post-doctoral Fellows

Further to PDAD&C # 27 which was issued on November 8th 2007, this is to remind you that the Revised Administrative Procedures for the Engagement of Post-doctoral Fellows came into effect on January 1st 2008 and should be used for the engagement of all new post-doctoral fellows. All current post-doctoral fellows should be issued with revised engagement letters which meet these terms no later than June 30, 2008.

All post-doctoral fellows are now required to be registered through the SGS Post-doctoral Office ( A web-based application has been developed to facilitate the registration of post-doctoral fellows and details of the process have been communicated to administrative staff by the SGS Post-doctoral Office.

A health/dental benefit plan for post-doctoral fellows has been developed through Green Shield. The plan is available only to PDFs whose stipends are processed by University of Toronto. Post-doctoral fellows engaged through the affiliated teaching hospitals will continue with the benefits plans arranged through those institutions. Information sessions for PDFs regarding the benefits plan have been arranged for:

  • Thursday January 24th 2008 10am – 12pm
    Health Sciences building, 155 College St., Room 610
  • Tuesday January 29th 2008 10:30am – 12:30pm
    Location TBA (this will be posted on the SGS Post-doctoral Office website as soon as it is confirmed)

The annual cost of this mandatory benefits package is $600. The newly established minimum annual stipend is therefore $28,100 ($27,500 plus the cost of benefits). It is hoped that supervisors of currently engaged PDFs will increase their stipends by the amount of the benefits package.

We would be grateful if you would ensure that all faculty who engage post-doctoral fellows are aware of the new procedures. Copies of this memorandum, the Policies for Post-doctoral Fellows and the Revised Administrative Procedures for Engagement of Post-doctoral Fellows will be available on the Provost’s Website at :