Institutes Centres Groups and Programs ICGP Survey

PDAD&C #38 2003-04


FROM: Professor Vivek Goel, Interim Vice-President and Provost
DATE: May 7, 2004
RE: Institutes, Centres, Groups and Programs (ICGP) Survey

Institutes, centres, groups and other collaborative programs (ICGPs) are an important component of research and teaching at the University of Toronto. These units have flourished at the University, allowing faculty and students to explore emerging areas of study and to conduct interdisciplinary and cross-divisional teaching and research. Arising from the Stepping UP academic planning, it is clear that we need to actively support and enable the work of ICGPs. However, in order to do so, we must begin with a clear picture of the current activities and structure of these units across the University.

The University last underwent a review of extra-departmental units in 1984 as a result of the Provostial Committee on Centres and Institutes. This Committee was charged with the task of reviewing the existing relationships of centres and institutes and other similar groups in relation to appointments policies. The Committee looked at the administrative structure, appointment authority and academic role of such units and the relationship among such units. They were asked to recommend a set of guidelines which would fit with existing rules or to propose changes to those rules where necessary. The resulting Report of the Provostial Committee on Centres and Institutes (Marsden Report) established a set of criteria for defining of extra-departmental units that were approved by Governing Council. The current survey will also allow us to review and if needed, update, the criteria in the Marsden Report with the aim of best fostering and supporting ICGPs in the current University landscape.

The online survey is available on the Provost’s web site under
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We suggest that a survey form is completed for each ICGP by its co-ordinator or director. Deadline for submission is May 28, 2004.

For questions regarding the survey, please contact Helen Lasthiotakis, 416.946.0501,