Advisory Committee to the Provost for a Vice Provost

PDAD&C #41


FROM: Vivek Goel, Vice-President and Provost
DATE: June 10, 2004

Robert Birgeneau, President
The Bulletin

RE:  Advisory Committee to the Provost for a Vice-Provost

Thank you for your suggestions for members of the Advisory Committee to the Provost as well as nominations for the position of Vice-Provost.  The membership of the Advisory Committee is as follows:

  • Rudy Boonstra, Vice-Principal, Research, University of Toronto at Scarborough
  • Rorke Bryan, Dean, Faculty of Forestry
  • Umberto De Boni, Associate Dean Division IV, School of Graduate Studies
  • Jane Gaskell, Dean, OISE/UT
  • Wayne Hindmarsh, Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Angela Hildyard, Vice-President, Human Resources & Equity
  • Peter Lewis, Vice-Dean, Research, Faculty of Medicine
  • Scott Mabury, Chair, Department of Chemistry
  • Cheryl Misak, Vice-Principal & Dean, University of Toronto at Mississauga
  • Paul Perron, Principal, University College
  • Pekka Sinervo, Dean, Faculty of Arts & Science
  • Steve Thorpe, Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Studies, Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering

The Advisory Committee will begin its work immediately.  I would welcome any further suggestions that you may have for the Committee.  Please send them by June 15 to Sheree Drummond, Assistant Provost, at