Teaching Award Nominations

PDAD&C #18


TO: Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs
FROM:   Shirley Neuman, Vice-President and Provost
DATE: November 24, 2003
RE:   Teaching Award Nominations

In the spirit of recognizing, celebrating and rewarding superb teaching, signaled in Stepping Up, we would like to draw your attention to several prominent provincial and national teaching awards which are now accepting nominations: 

  • Alan Blizzard Award
  • OCUFA Teaching and Academic Librarianship Awards
  • 3M Teaching Fellowships

We strongly encourage departments and/or faculty to nominate colleagues who best exemplify the qualities and expertise recognized by this award and hope to see nominations from across the disciplines.

Please contact the Office of Teaching Advancement (416-946-8585; 130 St. George Street, Robarts Library, 4th Floor; teaching.advancement@utoronto.ca) for more information or for assistance in putting together a nomination package.

Alan Blizzard Award

This award, presented by the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE), is designed to stimulate and reward collaboration in teaching as well as to encourage and disseminate scholarship in teaching and learning. The award is given to collaborative projects that increase the effectiveness of learning (eg. a course team, department, a committee, or group of colleagues). Preference is given to projects that involve active learning and have a potential impact beyond the originating departments or institutions.

The Award consists of a framed citation in recognition of exemplary contribution to the scholarship of teaching and learning; the presentation of the Alan Blizzard Plenary at the annual STLHE conference, and the publication and dissemination by STLHE of a paper describing the project.

Applications for the 2003 Alan Blizzard Award should be submitted by January 23, 2004.

3M Teaching Fellowships

Since 1986 3M Canada and the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) have been recognizing the teaching excellence and educational leadership of faculty from across Canada.  Over the years, eight faculty from the University of Toronto have been awarded this prestigious fellowship, they are; Derek Allen, Guy Allen, David Foot, Brian Hodges, Herbert Ho Ping Kong, Judith Poe, Ivan Silver, and Martin Wall.

3M Teaching Fellowships are open to all individuals currently teaching at a Canadian university, regardless of discipline or level of appointment.  Candidates should show evidence of the following;

  • excellence in teaching over a number of years, principally (but not exclusively) at the undergraduate level; and,
  • a commitment to the improvement of university teaching within the candidate's own institution and perhaps beyond.

Up to ten fellowships are awarded each year at the STHLE conference.  The award consists of a citation, an invitation to participate in a three-day retreat in Quebec and lifetime membership in the society.  Fellows, drawn from a wide range of academic disciplines, form a cohort that work individually and collaboratively to enhance teaching and learning at their own institutions and through larger initiatives.

The deadline for nominations is 5 March 2004. However, ALL nominations must be accompanied by a letter from the Provost, therefore we request that you submit a draft letter for consideration to my office no later than 20 February 2004.

For details on preparing a nomination package, please visit the 3M Teaching Fellowship web site at: http://www.mcmaster.ca/3Mteachingfellowships/index2.html

OCUFA Teaching and Academic Librarianship Awards

Each year since 1973 the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA) has been recognizing outstanding teachers and academic librarians in Ontario universities through its awards program.  To date 44 faculty members, 6 faculty groups and 5 librarians at the University of Toronto have been honoured with these awards.  Most recently, Joan Eakin (Public Health Sciences), June Larkin (Women’s Studies & Gender Studies), and Solveiga Mietzitis (Adult Education, Community Development & Counselling Psychology, OISE/UT) each received the OCUFA Teaching Award in 2001.

Individuals who excel in teaching at the graduate, undergraduate, continuing education, and faculty development levels are eligible for the OCUFA Teaching Awards. Excellence in course design, curriculum development, and organization of teaching programs is also considered. Librarians that contribute to the scholarly achievement of all members of the university community, through activities such as the development and delivery of services, provision of educational materials, and collection development and management are eligible for the Academic Librarianship Award.

The guidelines and nomination forms are available through the Office of Teaching Advancement (http://www.utoronto.ca/ota), the Faculty Association Office, the OCUFA office (27 Carlton St, Toronto, ON, M5B 1L2; ocufa@ocufa.on.ca; 416-979-2117) and the OCUFA web site (http://www.ocufa.on.ca/awards). 

The deadline for OCUFA nominations is 20 February 2004.