Provost’s Adviser on Outreach and Access

PDAD&C #43





Vivek Goel, Vice-President and Provost


June 10, 2004


Provost’s Adviser on Outreach and Access

Stepping Up has identified outreach as one of the University’s objectives in the context of our commitment to Equity and Diversity. The University of Toronto can and should play an important role in the Greater Toronto community in terms of expanding educational opportunities and engaging youth who might be at risk of dropping out of school or not considering post-secondary education. In addition to making a positive community contribution this would enable us to increase the numbers of potential university students in groups that have been traditionally under-represented. This would, of course, enrich the University.  We can also enhance the experience of University of Toronto students through meaningful curricular and co-curricular participation and volunteer activity.

It has been suggested that to support this objective the Provost appoint an Adviser on Outreach. To this end, I have appointed Professor Rona Abramovitch as Provost’s Adviser on Outreach and Access.  She has already put together an inventory of student outreach and access initiatives which indicates that while we are doing a fair amount in this area our activities and initiatives are not as coordinated, planned or focused as they could be.

Rona’s key role will be to advise on planning and coordination of our outreach and access activities.  I have asked Rona to consult with those who are already involved and those who want to become involved. She will consult both internally and externally in order to identify needs, goals and strategies that will build on what we are already doing.  I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to help us to both increase our outreach and access activities and to ensure that we are being strategic and effective. Please feel free to contact Rona (416-978-6777);

In this role Rona will be reporting to Dave Farrar, Vice Provost Students.  She will devote 25% of her time to this while maintaining her appointment as Director of the Transitional Year Program.