Nominations for the Search Committee for the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies

PDAD&C #1, 2003-2004


Members of the Graduate Students' Union
FROM:   Shirley Neuman, Vice-President and Provost
DATE:   July 4, 2003
RE:   Nominations for the Search Committee for the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies
cc:   President R. Birgeneau
The Bulletin

Professor Michael Marrus comes to the end of his term as Dean of the School of Graduate Studies on June 30, 2004, after which he will be taking a well-earned administrative leave and then retiring.

As a consequence, I will be conducting a search next year for a new Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and I will be establishing a dean search committee to advise me in this. The Perron Rules mandate the potential composition of the search committee as follows:

  • The Vice-President and Provost or representative (Chair);
  • One member of the teaching staff from each of the divisions of SGS;
  • One Dean of a Faculty of School;
  • One Chair of a graduate department;
  • One Director of a graduate Centre or Institute;
  • One to three graduate students; and
  • A librarian, where appropriate.

In addition, the committee may include an alumnus/a, a member of the administrative staff, and a qualified individual from outside the University.

At the same time, I will also be setting up a review team. The review team will include both University of Toronto faculty and external consultants. Its mandate will be to assess the work and the evolving role of the School of Graduate Studies over the last five years, based on a self-study presently being prepared by SGS and on conversations on our three campuses, and then to make recommendations about the most urgent and/or enabling initiatives the School can take during the period of the next deanship.

I invite you to nominate (or self-nominate) members to the dean search committee and also to the review team. Please note that these two groups will have different memberships although I expect the review team to debrief with the search committee during the search process. Your nominations should be sent to Lesley Lewis, at by no later than September 6.