Appointment of Professor Sandy Welsh as Vice-Provost, Students

PDAD&C #91, 2014-15


Principals, Deans, Academic Directors, and Chairs
Simcoe Hall and McMurrich Staff


Cheryl Regehr, Vice-President & Provost


May 22, 2015

Re: Appointment of Professor Sandy Welsh as Vice-Provost, Students

I am pleased to announce that the Executive Committee of the Governing Council has approved the appointment of Professor Sandy Welsh for a five-year term as Vice-Provost, Students, beginning July 1, 2015. Professor Welsh will transition into the role over the coming months, taking over the portfolio from Professor Jill Matus, who is stepping down after superbly serving as Vice-Provost for seven years.

In this role, Professor Welsh will be responsible for working closely with Principals, Deans and academic divisions across our three campuses to enhance the student experience at University of Toronto – including Enrolment Services (Student Recruitment, Financial Aid and Admissions), Student Life programs and services on the St. George Campus, student health and wellness, international student services and study abroad programs, and Hart House. She will also be responsible for University-wide policies and procedures affecting students.

Professor Welsh has a wide range of academic administrative experience at the University. Since May 1, 2014, she has served as the Provostial Advisor on Graduate Student Funding. Prior to her current position as Vice-Dean, Graduate Education & Program Reviews at the Faculty of Arts & Science (since 2012), she served as Acting Chair of the Department of Sociology in 2007, Acting Vice-Dean for Teaching and Learning in 2010-11, and Special Advisor to the Dean in 2011-12. She also served as Associate Chair, Graduate Studies in the Department of Sociology in 2003-05 and 2007-09.

In all of these roles, Professor Welsh has shown a deep commitment to the student experience at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. She has also demonstrated the ability to develop an excellent working relationship with academic administrators, administrative staff and student groups. She has won many awards in recognition of her commitment to U of T, including the FAS Dean’s Excellence Award and Outstanding Teaching Award, and led the team that won the 2013 Northrop Frye departmental award.

Appointed to the Department of Sociology, Professor Welsh’s primary research focuses on workplace and sexual harassment. Her current research explores how changes in federal and provincial regulations affect the adoption and implementation of workplace harassment and work-family policies in Canadian corporations. Professor Welsh received her BA (high honours) from Oberlin College, MA from SUNY Buffalo, and PhD from Indiana University-Bloomington. She joined the U of T faculty in 1994.

Please join me in welcoming Professor Welsh to this important role, and in thanking Professor Jill Matus once again for her outstanding service to U of T.