President’s Advisory Committee on the Appointment of a Vice-President, Advancement – Call for Submissions

PDADC #38, 2014-15

To:  Governing Council
Academic Board
Business Board
University Affairs Board
Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs
Professionals, Managers and Confidential Staff
President of UTFA
Presidents of Employee Unions
Presidents of APUS, GSU, SCSU, UTMSU and UTSU
President, University of Toronto Alumni Association (UTAA)
From:  Professor Meric Gertler, President 
Date:  November 6, 2014 
Re:  President’s Advisory Committee on the Appointment of a Vice-President, Advancement – Call for Submissions 

In 2012, the Governing Council approved the reappointment of Mr. David Palmer as Vice-President, Advancement, for a second term “starting September 6, 2012 and extending not less than 12 months and not more than 18 months into the term of the next President.”  Mr. Palmer is eligible to be reappointed.

Respecting the parameters of the resolution, it is timely to consider the appointment and, following consultation with colleagues and Governors, I have now struck a Committee to advise me on the steps to be taken.  The Committee’s first priority will be to provide advice on whether a reappointment should be offered or if a search should be undertaken.  If the latter, the Committee will consider the scope of any search to be undertaken and will provide advice on candidates for my consideration in making a recommendation to Governing Council.

The Advisory Committee, which I will chair, comprises the following individuals:

Professor David Cameron, Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science
Professor Bruce Kidd, Interim Vice-President and Principal, University of Toronto Scarborough
Professor Ira Jacobs, Dean, Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education
Mr. Mark Krembil, Lieutenant Governor-in-Council member of the Governing Council
Ms Alana Silverman, Executive Director, Development & Alumni Affairs, Trinity College
Ms Gillian Sneddon, Executive Director, Advancement, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
Mr. Andrew Stelmacovich, Executive Director, Advancement, University of Toronto Mississauga
Professor Marla B. Sokolowski, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Faculty of Arts and Science
Mr. John Switzer, Alumni member of the Governing Council
Professor Catharine Whiteside, Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Vice-Provost, Relations with Healthcare Institutions

Mr. Louis Charpentier, Secretary of the Governing Council, will serve as secretary to the Committee.  Ms Sheree Drummond, Deputy Secretary, will also provide support.

The Committee welcomes your input.  Submissions should be sent by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, November 10, 2014 using the confidential online form available at: