Advancement Seminar for Principals, Deans, Academic Directors & Chairs

PDAD&C# 34, 2014-15

To:  Principals, Deans, Academic Directors & Chairs (PDAD&C) 
From:      David Palmer, Vice-President, Advancement
Cheryl Regehr, Vice-President & Provost 
Date:  October 28, 2014 
Re:  Advancement Seminar for Principals, Deans, Academic Directors & Chairs 

The Division of University of Advancement, in cooperation with the Provost’s Office, is pleased to be holding a special advancement seminar for Principals, Deans, Academic Directors & Chairs (PDAD&C) on the afternoon of December 11, 2014, from 1:30 to 5:30 pm. Advancement team members from your division will also be invited to attend.  

The PDAD&C Advancement Seminar is modeled on a similar session offered before the Boundless campaign’s public launch.  Since then we have had many calls to repeat and update this experience from the academic leaders who were in attendance.

With that in mind, and considering that the Boundless campaign recently surpassed the $1.5 billion milestone—three-quarters of the way toward its $2 billion goal—the seminar will focus on strategies to reach and surpass your campaign goals and to take advantage of the campaign momentum fostered to date.

Topics for the session will be tailored to your needs and interests, and will include:
• the advancement and solicitation process
• working with advancement professionals and volunteers
• translating academic priorities into compelling fundraising requests
• making the case for support

Please do make a note in your calendar and we look forward to seeing you there. Advance materials and details on agenda and location will be distributed in the coming weeks. Please note that our previous seminar for PDAD&C was oversubscribed. To signal your attendance, please contact Lorraine Gillis at (416) 978-1064 or

Thank you for your interest and continued engagement in your advancement program and in the Boundless campaign.