Call for Proposals – 9th Annual Teaching & Learning Symposium

PDAD&C#10, 2014-15

To:  Principals, Deans, Academic Directors & Chairs 
From:      Carol Rolheiser, Director, Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation 
Date:  July 28, 2014 
Re:  Call for Proposals – 9th Annual Teaching & Learning Symposium
Planning for Change – Responding to Change

The University of Toronto is pleased to announce a call for proposals for our 9th Annual Teaching & Learning Symposium, which will be held on November 3, 2014 at Hart House.  This tri-campus event is intended to stimulate discussion and the sharing of research, practices and experiences around teaching and learning.  It is also a cross-divisional forum that allows faculty and staff to celebrate their commitment to teaching and learning, and to hear from this year’s recipient(s) of the President’s Teaching Award. 

The 9th annual symposium will explore a range of teaching and learning ideas, issues and possibilities relating to change. What recent changes in higher education affect roles, contexts, pedagogy, curriculum and students? How have individuals and units handled these changes? How can we plan for and respond to change effectively? Sessions will consider what, who, how, why and what if in relation to changes in teaching and learning. 

Proposals can address one or more of the following sub-themes:
• Curriculum transformations
• Changing roles
• Changing contexts
• Changing students
• Evolving pedagogies

Proposals will be accepted for the following formats:
• Nifty assignment (15 minutes)
These sessions will focus on the sharing of a ‘nifty assignment’ and details regarding the development and administration of the assignment, the student learning goals for the assignment, and strengths and challenges of the assignment.

• Teaching dilemma (50 minutes)
In these sessions the presenter will introduce a specific teaching dilemma and then facilitate a discussion regarding possible alternatives for approaching the dilemma.  The dilemma should allow for multiple perspectives to be brought forward in order to facilitate thoughtful deliberation of a complex issue.

• Research on teaching and learning (completed or in-progress; 50 minutes)
These sessions will focus on sharing a teaching and learning-focused research project, providing details on the research design, research methods and initial findings from in-progress or public results from a recently completed research project.

• Teaching strategies workshop (50 minutes)
These sessions will focus on sharing effective teaching strategies, including the purpose, intended outcomes, facilitation and examples. Discussion regarding how others can apply the strategies in their own teaching contexts will be addressed.

Instructions for Submission of Proposals
Proposals are to be submitted online at:
On the proposal submission form, you will be asked to provide a primary contact, additional presenters’ names and titles, session title, and abstract (max. 150 words).
Deadline for proposal submission is Tuesday, September 3, 2014.

Questions about the call for proposals or proposal submissions process can be directed to:
Thuy Huynh, Programs Coordinator, Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation at or 416-946-3325.