PTR/Merit Awards for 2013-2014

PDAD&C # 75, 2013-2014

From:  Edith Hillan, Vice Provost, Faculty & Academic Life 
Date:      June 16, 2014
Re:  PTR/Merit Awards for 2013-2014

As you know, although negotiations have commenced, the University and UTFA have not reached an agreement on salary and benefits for faculty members and librarians for July 1, 2014.

The University will be implementing PTR awards for July 1, 2014 without an Across-the-Board increase.  All academic units should proceed to issue written notification of the performance assessment for faculty and librarians.  We ask that Chairs and Divisional Heads include the following statement in their letters to faculty members and librarians informing them of their PTR/Merit award and performance assessment.  Once an agreement or arbitration award resolves the outstanding issues, any further adjustments that are agreed or awarded will be implemented.

Inclusion for letter:

Although the University and UTFA have not reached an agreement on salary and benefits for the academic year 2014-15, the University will be implementing the PTR awards for July 1, 2014. This letter reflects your PTR award and your 2014-15 base salary including that award. Once an agreement or an arbitration award resolves all of the salary and benefits issues, I will write to you to inform you of any further adjustments to your 2014-15 base salary.

The letter should also provide feedback on the individual’s performance for the academic year 2013-14.  If a scoring mechanism is used in the unit and is typically included in assessment letters, this may also be provided.  Letters should be received by faculty and librarians by July 1, 2014

The July 1, 2014 PTR pools are now available in the B6 application and can be viewed at Instructions on the implementation of these increases will be circulated to your Business Officers.