Appointment of Professor Jutta Brunnée as Interim Dean of the Faculty of Law

PDAD&C#52, 2013-14

To:  Faculty, Students, and Staff of the Faculty of Law
Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs
From:      Cheryl Regehr, Vice-President and Provost
Date:  March 27, 2014
cc:  President Meric Gertler
The Bulletin
Re:  Appointment of Professor Jutta Brunnée as Interim Dean of the Faculty of Law

I am delighted to announce that the Agenda Committee of Academic Board has approved the appointment of Professor Jutta Brunnée as Interim Dean of the Faculty of Law, from May 1, 2014 to April 30, 2015, or until the appointment of a new Dean.

Professor Brunnée is currently Associate Dean, Graduate Programs at the Faculty of Law. During her time as Associate Dean, she has revitalized the school's graduate programs, successfully launching a new Global Professional Masters of Law program, developing concentrations in the Master of Laws program, and working closely with doctoral students to increase their success in tri-council grant programs. Professor Brunnée brings to this position familiarity with the Faculty's initiatives and its community of students, faculty, and practitioners. Her demonstrated excellence in leadership and her strong decision-making skills make Professor Brunnée an ideal leader to move the Faculty forward during this interim phase.

As one of the world's most influential scholars in international environmental law, Professor Brunnée has received numerous honours and is widely published in such journals as the Columbia Journal of Transnational Law, the International & Comparative Law Quarterly, and the Harvard International Law Journal. In 2013, she was named a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada for her ground-breaking contributions in international law and environmental treaty design. Professor Brunnée is also a member of many law organizations: she serves on the Board of Editors of the American Journal of International Law, on the Board of the European Society of International Law, and is currently a member of the International Law Association's Committee on Legal Principles relating to Climate Change.

Prior to joining the Faculty of Law in 2000, Professor Brunnée taught at the law schools of the University of British Columbia and McGill University. She holds law degrees from Dalhousie University (Canada) and Johannes Gutenberg-Universität (Germany), and an undergraduate diploma from the Université de Dijon (France).

I am grateful that Professor Brunnée has agreed to serve in this important role. Please join me in welcoming her as Interim Dean of the Faculty of Law.